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Exhibition Dates

May 23rd - June 9th, 2012

Paint Shed Event

June 2nd (Saturday), 12 - 6pm

Artist Talk

Thursday June 7th @ 6:30pm

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The Contract: Doug Weathersby from Environmental Services will be bringing the contents of the storage room out into the main gallery once again and will be hanging the blast-from-the-past-shows artworks salon-style in the space, building an installation with and around them. He will be generating documentation for every step of the way using photographs and video, all of which will be put up on display in the newly emptied, cleaned and organized storage room.

The Gallery will be open for cleaning Wednesday May 23rd through Saturday June 9th.
Drop by to judge the progress for yourself!

Doing a little Spring Cleaning of your own? Want to get rid of some old house paint?
Drop by the gallery Saturday June 2nd from 12 to 6pm with your cans, have a hot dog and lemonade, and see what kind of treasures we have salvaged from the gallery's storage.

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES (ES) owner/operator Doug Weathersby was born in Atlanta, GA 1972. Doug earned his BFA from Atlanta College of Art, 1995 and his MFA from Mass College of Art, 2002. Upon graduating he conceived ES. ES received the ICA Artist Prize and a LEF Foundation Grant in 2003, and an A.R.T.
Grant and a Mass Cultural Council Fellowship in painting in 2012. He's shown work at Dodge Gallery, NY, Solomon Projects, Atl, judi rotenberg gallery, Bos, Rose Museum, ICA Boston, Babson College, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Video Art Foundation, Barcelona, Masur Museum, Monroe, LA, and Socrates Sculpture Park. He’s had reviews in Art Papers, Sculpture Magazine, Art Lies, and Tema Celeste.

Founded in 2007, LaMontagne Gallery is a 2,300 square foot exhibition space located in South Boston on East Second Street. LaMontagne Gallery was founded to create an environment in Boston for the display and sale of emerging contemporary artists. The gallery features visual, sound and performance artists based in Boston and beyond. Russell LaMontagne was previously co-Founder of LFL Gallery in New York City.