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Julia Hechtman
I Wish, I Wish
November 21th - December 23rd
Laura Harrison
Crypto Egypto
November 21th - December 23rd

Julia Hechtman at LaMontagne Gallery
Exhibition Dates: November 21st - December 23rd
Reception: November 21st 6 PM to 8 PM

LaMontagne Gallery is Proud to Present "I Wish, I Wish" a Solo Show by Julia Hechtman. The Following is a description of" I Wish, I Wish," in the artist's words: All of these photographs were made in Iceland, which is an amazing place. But this is not a show about Iceland or even about travel. This is a show about mood. While away, I sent a regular email home with images that I captured on my digital camera. These hundreds of photographs were instantly and easily impressive. It is hard to make an ugly photograph in Iceland and as a result the photographs had no gravity. I felt I needed something that would complicate the image, to make it less flat. I needed to slow down, to experience the space and literally to figure it out. Using an old 4 x 5 press camera did just that. Taking a photograph with this camera is a production. It is more physical, it takes more time, it is more definite, it is an experience or at least it allowed me the time to experience the environment while capturing it. In my preparations for the trip I decided it would be a good thing to have some films on hand to help divide and mark days that never ended. I looked for and found an empty CD case. It had ten slots, so I chose ten of my favorite movies. I had a plan to recreate a shot from Harold and Maude. I wanted to find a way to connect to it. I wanted to be in it. I wanted to translate it. I wanted to reactivate it. I saw Iceland for the first time through the filter of movies that I have had long-standing relationships to. The shoots were intuitive, influenced by the place, the films, the sounds, and by my own experience. I found the results relatable, normal, non-mystical and mundane in a way that countered the awe-inspiring landscape. The figure rooted the landscape. It was important that the model wasn't manufactured, that his clothes were not scripted, that it was immediate and direct. That day or the next I watched another film and had another idea for a shoot. And then it happened again. It evolved organically from pleasure and instinct. I was recreating a sense of intimacy and mystery present in each of the films referenced and exploring the complexities of translating narrative tensions that exist in the films into compositional tensions in the photographs. Flat and cohesive materially, the process is both more intense and more charged, but also much more casual. It started with a basic question to which the answer was simple. What movies do you like? Perhaps this is deceptively simple. Perhaps desire is always like that. I want to elicit a reaction that is bold and clear-cut and that is inviting. That is definite but that doesn't involve an ending.

This is Julia Hechtman's first solo exhibition with LaMontagne Gallery. She works in a variety of media with an emphasis in photography and video. She has exhibited widely including a solo project at Devening Projects + Editions in Chicago, that was reviewed by Michelle Grabner on, as well as exhibitions in Oakland, Miami, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Auckland, London and many others. Hechtman currently teaches at Northeastern University and Brandeis University. She recently completed the NES Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland and was an Artist in Residence at both Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia and Ox-Bow in Saugatuck, Michigan.

LaMontagne Gallery is also proud to present Laura Harrison, whose show titled "Crypto Egypto" is being exhibited in the project space. The Following is a description of "Crypto Egypto" in the artist's words: I've always loved persian miniatures for their color and geometric constrcution. And when I saw the ajanta cave paintings in India it looked to me like the template for them. The sheer quantity of tempera paintings, along with the psychedelic quality of the decorative patternings around the narratives of buddha seemed deeply resonant to me and influenced the project I've undertaken recently. For whatever reasons I've found myself in recent years cognizant of mortality thinking about finitude, about my own limitations and the limitation of my artistic practice, and I became fascinated by the elegeic mode and an art that is situated at the frontier between life and death. I realized that after a long period in which I had primarily done some static paintings of buildings, that I was painting doors and windows and that that was related to the idea of doors of perception and what I was painting was my frustration and anxiety with finitude.

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