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Owen Rundquist
Where No Pathway Goes
October 17th - November 14th

Matthew Paul Cleary Open at LaMontagne Gallery
Exhibition Dates: October 17th to November 14th
Reception: October 24th at 6 PM

LaMontagne Gallery
is proud to present Matthew Paul Cleary’s “Why substitute uncertain facts for authorized legend?”.  Cleary, recipient of the SMFA’s 2007 Traveling Scholarship Award, is best known for his abstract paintings exploring organic forms and processes and the formal qualities they inspire.  Always one to experiment with materials, Cleary utilizes the interaction between oil paint and vinyl surfaces to bring physicality to his work.  “Why substitute uncertain facts for authorized legend?” pushes this development further, by incorporating a new range of materials: cardboard, televisions and living grass.  The physical development of Cleary’s work mirrors the expansion of his influences.  His paintings inspired by molecular biology, and time-lapse videos of fungal growth, reveal Cleary’s investment in themes of life, death and dogma.  This new exhibition examines the appeal of metaphysical design to the human psyche.  Ultimately Cleary challenges the audience to consider whether belief in the fantastical is voluntary or a fundamental, psychological need. 
Owen Rundquist, recent graduate of MassArt with an MFA in painting, will be exhibiting “Where No Pathway Goes” in the Project Space.  Owen Rundquist creates collages that make reference to folklore, ancient belief, death, battle, occultism, and a variety of pop subcultures. Rundquist works with the nihilistic intent similar to that of the extreme music he enjoys.

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