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Brad Phillips
"Journey Into Whatever"
May 9th - June 13th, 2009

Fred Muram
"Kissing the Ceiling"

May 9th - June 13th, 2009

Brad Phillip and Fred Muram Open at LaMontagne Gallery
Exhibition Dates: May 9th to June 13th.
Reception: May 9th 6 PM to 8PM

LaMontagne Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Brad Phillips, Journey into Whatever, and Fred Muram, Kissing the Ceiling, on May 9th.

Brad Phillip's Journey into Whatever is a series of paintings, intended by the artist to read as a visual diary. Brad Phillips takes images from everyday life –women dressing (or undressing), house plants, interior scenes--and uses the familiarity of these circumstances to thread together this seemingly personal narrative. However, Brad Philips paintings cannot be interpreted so simply. Instead of giving us the whole story on each canvas, the artist maintains a level of obfuscation: revealing perhaps the ‘what’ and the ‘where’ of the story line, but leaving, the ‘who’, ‘why’ and ‘what for’ open-ended. This injected distanced between the artist and the images allows him to draw upon subject matter that is personal, sexy, and at times even erotic, while still being selective about what he chooses to reveal. Journey into Whatever is exactly what the title implies. The ambiguity of Brad Phillip’s paintings makes his own personal narrative irrelevant. The paintings are not about the artist, but rather about the viewer: the ideas/fantasies that the viewer projects onto each work. Journey into Whatever is a visual diary of a show, however the details depend on your own imagination.

Fred Muram
, similar to Brad Phillips, is presenting the viewer with images taken from familiar circumstances in everyday life. The purpose of Muram’s photographs however, is not just to present us with these familiarities, but also to underscore the importance of our understanding of them. In a series of 12 photographs (a selection of which are on view), the artist has captured various people kissing the ceiling in, what we can only presume to be different areas of their homes. The artist makes the point that as a society, and as individuals, we so easily become disconnected from our surroundings. Kissing the Ceiling is a series of photographs about people paying homage to their ceilings: a place so easily forgotten, but so integral in our association with place.

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