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Daniel Heidkamp
The Arrangement

Boru O’Brien O’Connell
Mavericks and Daydreamers

April 4, 2009 to May 2, 2009
Opening reception: April 11, 2009 6 PM to 8 PM.

Misaki Kawai - Lumber

LaMontagne Gallery is please to announce the opening of “The Arrangement”, a new exhibit of paintings by Daniel Heidkamp in the main space and in the project room, “Mavericks and Daydreamers,” photographs by Boru O’Brien O’Connell.

In his latest show, "The Arrangement," Daniel Heidkamp presents a dynamic group of paintings inspired by urban interactions.  Heidkamp’s paintings are created from observation, but the crux of his work relies on the value he places in, and the care that he employs in color arrangement, surface texture and compositional tension.  He depicts the people and environments of the various neighborhoods - the cultures - encompassed within his current home of New York City to create bold visual spectacles.  The viewer is drawn into the world of the picture frame as Heidkamp beautifully captures the vibrancy of New York life.  His paintings filter the jumbles of daily life and focus on the main components - people, bikes, cars, buildings - and their defining visual and tactile characteristics that determine their modern roles.  Heidkamp is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  This is his second show at LaMontagne.

Boru O’Brien O’Connell’s photographs explore the Emersonian notions of truth as they converge with the Ted Turner-esque notions of anxious contemporary life in order to bring us the inspirational platitudes we all know and love. With images of men, he enlarges certain banalities within these archetypes. In art or commerce these clichés depict ordinary men, but aspire to illustrate them as Man partaking in Man's Searches. The most notable search that comes to mind is the one for Truth, and its perennial bond with aging and despair. This lofty portrayal of the quotidian man is inescapably silly, and its variations are often seen through the sentimental lens of traditional portraiture.  O’Connell is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  This is his first show at LaMontagne.