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Misaki Kawai
Kung Fu Forest

Andrew Mowbray
I know Now

February 21, 2009 to March 28, 2009
Opening reception: February 21, 2009 5 PM to 7 PM.

Misaki Kawai - Bears

LaMontagne Gallery is please to announce the opening of “Kung Fu Forest”, a new exhibit of paintings and sculptures by Misaki Kawai Kun Fu Forest in the main space and in the project room, “I know Now,” sculptures by Andrew Mowbray.

Misaki Kawai's show, Kung Fu Forest, is comprised of thirteen paintings and three sculptures. The theme of the show is things that you would find in a forest. However, Kawai's forest is unlike any other forest you have possibly seen. There are bears wearing track-suites, owls wearing hats, UFOs, steroid induced action heroes, aliens and, most importantly, kung fu fighters. Her work is best described as graphic, playful and full of imagination. As a whole, the body of work is transporting; walking into the gallery feels as if you were walking into an alter-universe; yet all the while it is all completely believable. Misaki Kawai paints with such conviction you cannot help but believe in the characters and the world she is creating. Misaki Kawai's installations are created from diverse materials including paper, wood, paint, stickers, and fabrics. Misaki was born in Kagaway, Japan and is a graduate of the Kyoto College of Art in Kyoto Japan. She has had solo shows at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. Her numbers gallery solo shows include Clementine in New York City, Paul Bright in Toronto, Galleri Loyal in Stockholm and Jack Hanley in San Francisco.

In “I know Now” Andrew Mowbray creates objects from polyethylene that explore the nature of how historical objects and materials are collected, identified, and displayed by museums of art and antiquity, and how our contemporary relationship with these objects is disconnected from their original meaning and purpose. Andrew Mowbray received his BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 1995 and his MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hill, Michigan in 1998. In 2006, he was listed as, one of “Ten Artists to Watch” by Boston Globe Magazine. He recently had a solo exhibition entitled, “Tempest Prognosticator” at Gallery Diet, Miami, Florida. He has received grants from The Massachusetts Cultural Council, The LEF Foundation and the Artists Resource Trust. His home and studio are located in Boston, Massachusetts. The project, “I know Now” was supported by Wellesley College and the Babette Becker Research for the Humanities.