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Main Gallery:

Sean Downey
Hunker Hawser

Hunker Hawser

Sunday afternoon under the Douglas Firs and woodchips are everywhere. 
Centered in a rough dome of architectural salvage and logs,
a man takes a centerfold ripped from a hippie quarterly and refolds it into origami. 
A hooded figure photographs him. 
Soft drips indicate a cracked Chemex leaking coffee 
onto an open page of Lathe of Heaven. 
Caffeine soaks through to the last page of stacked text, 
jacking LeGuin's speculative fiction into a flipbook of blooming Rorschach stains. 
A shadow, who may be the Green River Killer, 
leers through a hexagonal window. 
And the soft Doug Firs crowd over them all. 
Silhouetted limbs and trunks almost sign a word, but not quite...
Maybe a spray-paint hieroglyph.

Project Space:

Jordan Eagles

Jordan Eagles has garnered cross-disciplinary public and critical attention for his dynamic and meticulous processes using blood, copper and resin.  His multidimensional works become relics of that which was once living, embodying transformation, regeneration, and an allegory of death to life—transforming blood as sublime.

Eagles’ 2nd solo exhibition in Boston, BLOOD DUST, will open at Boston Center for the Arts on April 25th, 2014.

Upcoming exhibitions

Joe Wardwell

| May


Daniela Rivera

March 1st -
April 5th


January 11th -
Februry 22nd

Andrew Mowbray

November 9th -
December 21st

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